What kind of Plinko games are there?

What is the difference between Plinko's in different casinos?

Almost any casino nowadays you can find Plinko. The only difference is that each of the developers of the game sought to add touches that make their version unique.

All options are very similar and are based on the same principle. The only difference is in functionality and color schemes. Let's look at the options presented in prestigious casinos.

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Popular Plinko versions

Below we look at some varieties of games Plinko. The main popular versions of the game Plinko can be found in most online casinos, usually there is a choice of several versions.

Popular Plinko versions

Plinko Spribe

This is one of the most famous variations of the game developed by Spribe. Players who are lucky enough to play their products will easily understand why their version is so popular. You certainly know that Spribe is the developer of the acclaimed hit Aviator, as well as other popular gambling games that have won the hearts of fans of players all over the world. 

In the version of Spribe there are 3 levels of difficulty, as well as automatic mode. Betting here starts with 1 dollar and can go up to 10 for a single round. Each difficulty level is marked with the corresponding color and is located on separate buttons. There can be a red-challenging level, yellow-medium and green-usual. On the hardest level, the maximum multiplier can go up to x353.


Plinko UPGaming

UpGaming has developed its own version of Plinko. Unlike Spribe it has a simpler interface. The betting range is from $0.20 to $1,000. This means that the winnings can be really huge and up to $10,000.

The maximum possible multiplier here goes up to x1000 on the high difficulty level, which justifies such high risks. The difficulty levels here are not highlighted with a separate color and button, they are selected before the session begins.

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Bet Plinko

This version of Plinko is very similar to MyStake. The interface is very similar, as well as the usability. The choice of difficulty level is not highlighted by color and it is necessary to choose it before starting the game. The number of lines here can be reduced to 8, in contrast to Plinko Spribe, where the minimum number of 12. The maximum multiplier is x1000. A distinctive feature from MyStake is that there is an automatic mode.

Plinko X (Plinko Smartsoft)

This creation from the giant of minigames Smartsoft, which gave players such a masterpiece as JetX. Called their version Plinko X and is sensational in quality and implementation of graphics.
If you compare with other similar versions of the game, most have gone the way of basic and unattractive, putting the emphasis on the game itself.

In the case of Plinko X, the design bar has been raised considerably. The colorful interface, the visuals all make the gameplay even more engaging. If we summarize, it is safe to say - the game turned out to be a masterpiece!

Please note that Plinko X is not a game for the faint-hearted. There is no choice of difficulty level, but there is a special, attractive feature. Balls flying out from the top of the pyramid, have their own, a special color associated with multipliers.

The most common color is pink - this is the usual multiplier x1. In addition to it there are yellow and red, multiplying the winnings by x5 and x10 respectively.

Plinko XY

The developer of the game Plinko XY is BGaming, now this modification of the game can be found in most major casinos around the world. This version definitely deserves attention. It is called Plinko XY. It's a beautifully designed game, so if you're a fan of that, try it, you won't regret it. So why do you need to make some bets in this version? It's simple - the exciting gameplay.

It combines several factors: a dynamic atmosphere with a catchy background melody and sound effects. All this contributes to a deep dive into the process. The game has 8 lines, automatic mode and 3 levels of difficulty.

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Plinko BetFury

Another version of Plinko, presented in BetFury crypto-casino. Without a doubt, we can say - this is one of the best versions found on the market. After loading, you will see the familiar pyramid of 16 lines.
At the bottom there are three rows of multipliers, each with its own color. The most difficult is red, but its multipliers are much higher.

What is in Plinko BetFury, which is not in other versions of the game? It's very simple - the progressive jackpot. You can get it, playing in normal mode. To do this, all balls must cover the letters in the word PLINKO. They are scattered under the maximum multipliers on the complex level. The best part is that even after the game session is over, the collected letters are saved. You can continue to fill them next time.

It is worth noting that Plinko BetFury has quite interesting features. If the player did not manage to hit the jackpot, he still has the possibility of additional winning up to 4 BTC or 81 ETH.

plinko betfury

Plinko BGaming

And finally, another popular variant Plinko from developer BGaming, which offers several variations of the game, adaptable to a particular brand of casino.
It is worth noting that Plinko XY, offered at Blaze Casino, is one of the variations from BGaming.

In addition, the developer's collection includes the following versions: Plinko 1win, Plinko Mbit or Plinko tout court. The peculiarity of the game is the cool graphics and animation. The gameplay is quite simple, but at the same time - fascinating. Otherwise, this version is similar to the vrsiyami described above - 3 levels of complexity, automatic mode, as well as a choice of the number of lines (8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 or 18).

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