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Plinko is a popular game that is present in many online casinos. The popularity of the game is constantly growing. The game is favorite among players all over the world for a reason!

Plinko gameplay is laconic, and the process of playing Plinko simple enough - over a pyramid, the base of which are cells, launch balls. The amount of your winnings and the coefficient of increase in your bet depends on the cell in which the ball hits.

In addition to playing for real money, there is a demo mode Plinko, which helps to understand the rules of the game, to better understand the mechanics or just have a good time.

Although the game has no freespools, bonuses, but the percentage return of the slot to the player (RTP) reaches 99%. In one round you can win a maximum of x1000 bets. The game is provably fair - tampering with the result of each round is absolutely excluded.

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Plinko Casino Game

About Plinko

Why do players like Plinko?

Casino players and fans of gambling like to play for fun, without big risks and complicated rules, the main thing emotions and excitement. It is important pleasant music and high-quality graphics.

All this is in this wonderful game! Some manage to make good money on his hobby. Some just have a good time without significant losses, because at a distance RTP slot reaches 99%

Plinko is much easier than other slots and does not require learning complex game rules, combinations or a lot of experience. This means that any player can enjoy the game, have fun and make good money. There are examples when beginners won very good money trying to play Plinko for the first time.

It is easy to start playing Plinko - you just need to go to a reliable casino website, register, make a bet and let fortune take care of the winnings.

It is important to choose a reliable casino, for fair play and guaranteed winnings without delay. In our recommended casino payouts are reliable and bonuses are the most generous!

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Rules of the game Plinko

Plinko is very gambling and fun game, does not require experience and any special knowledge. Anyone can play and win big money in this game! Each player, regardless of experience is guaranteed a good mood and vivid emotions!

Rules of the game Plinko

The aim of the game Plinko is simple - it is necessary to hit the ball in multipliers, the value of which will be multiplied the bet amount. After starting the game, on the playing field there will be a pyramid with white pins, at the base of which there are cells with multipliers. From the top of the pyramid the disc (or ball) is launched, which rolls and changing the trajectory of the pins, hits one of the cells. Further everything is simple - on what multiplier the disk hit, so and multiply the original bet.

For example, if the initial bet was €100 and the disc fell into a cell with a multiplier of 16x. As a result, the player will receive on the balance of the game 1600 euros. Everything is simple, isn't it?

Interface and graphics of the game Plinko

During the gameplay, you will be accompanied by a dynamic melody. When the ball overcomes an obstacle, a "plink-plink" sounds. Perhaps because of this sound the game got its name. If you want silence, the sounds and music can be turned off. The developer intentionally did not create a bright design. The main color of the background is blue. On the left is the history - the size of the bets, the payout ratio (percentage), the ball launch time, changing the game balance.

Game Control

To the right of the pyramid is a scale of lines from 8 to 16. The player needs to decide on the number of rows before starting. Under the pyramid there are control buttons, which we will look at now:

High, Normal and Low - are responsible for the risk levels, high, normal and low respectively;
Min and Max - minimum or maximum bets (using buttons + and - increase or decrease bet);
Play - starts the game;
Manual and Auto - game modes, where the buttons + and - set the number of rounds (10-1000).
The overall game balance is located in the same place, in the bottom right corner.

How and where to play Plinko?

It is easy to play Plinko on your computer and any mobile device with Android or iOS. There are no differences in the rules and chances of winning, they are identical. To run Plinko you only need a browser, which is available on any device.

To play in demo mode registration is not required, but to play for real money, you must register and make a deposit on your game balance.

Bonuses and winning combinations Plinko

As we said before, Plinko has no freespins, bonuses and jackpot. As in most of these slots, winning combinations simply does not exist.
Just as there is no table of winnings. The player must specify the height of the pyramid, simply make a bet from 1 to 100. In auto mode, indicates the number of balls from 10 to 1000. After the start, will begin alternating rolling and collision of balls, which will fall into the cells. Depending on the degree of risk, they vary in color.

Often, the balls fall in the cells that are in the center. The winnings in them are less compared to the cells located on the edges. The farther a cell is located, the bigger the winnings will be.

plinko casino game

How to get acquainted with the game? Is there a demo mode?

Although the rules are simple, but here to fully understand the gameplay and navigate well in all the nuances, you need to try to play the game itself. And to do this, do not necessarily risk real money! Use the provided demo mode. Demo plinko 100% free and available without registration. Probably the best and most illustrative way to get invaluable experience, learn the whole process, and then move on to the real money game.

In order to start, all you have to do is start the game, make a bet and click on the "Bet" button to start the game. The ball will appear on top and begin its way to the coveted multipliers, facing an obstacle, but rapidly following its goal.

plinko gambling

Plinko game analogues

If you compare Plinko with other similar slot games, you just can't find analogues. There are variations of the game, but it is still the same game Plinko. In itself, it is a unique product.

Winnings are guaranteed, but what will be his amount - it all depends on luck. The important thing is that there is a chance to get less than the bet made.

Winning multipliers range from x0.2 to x1000. And the percentage return (RTP) is easily 99%! Now you see why Plinko has a high popularity among fans of online casinos around the world.


What is the difference between Plinko's in different casinos?

Now almost any online casino you can find Plinko from different developers, for example: Plinko SpribePlinko BGaming. The only difference is that all the developers of the game add special touches that make their version unique. In addition, you can meet their own developments. But no matter how you slice it, they are all similar and based on the same principle.

The only difference is the functionality and design. Let's look at variants of plinko game from different developers.

Plinko Casino

Summary of the Plinko game

The game Plinko is able to surprise even a seasoned casino player.

It's like a fresh breath of air, introducing a variety of casino games, because it's not just an online casino slot! Its gameplay is simple and uncomplicated, and winnings are guaranteed and paid in a convenient way for you instantly in any reliable casino.

Plinko has a lot of modes and game options, and the bet size starts from a comfortable size. According to the developers (BGaming and Spribe), the return rate (RTP) reaches 99%. Not always high winnings are more than compensated by the high probability of winning!

Whereas in many other popular casino games, the RTP is only 95-97%.

The advantages of the game

Among all the advantages and differences of Plinko, separately can be distinguished:

The difference from the standard slots online casinos;
Simple and clear rules of the game;
The game is based on a popular TV show;
Win-win rounds and a high percentage of payouts.

There are many good reviews about plinko. But there are also those to whom the game will seem too simple or the lack of free spins and bonuses will be unacceptable.

Can Plinko be considered a fair game? 

No doubt, Plinko is a perfectly safe game, as long as you choose a legal, trusted casino like the ones we recommend on this website. In addition, such casinos use "Provably Fair" technology, which does not allow the operator to manipulate the results. Make sure it works before you start betting. The result is completely random and can not be tampered with in any way. The casino has no way to influence the result.

What is the RTP of Plinko?

It's up to the developer and the casino to decide the payout ratio, but in most cases, you can count on a generous minimum payout percentage (RTP) of 97%. But some casinos have gone further and offer even 99%, which you should agree is rather weighty.

Conclusions and summary of the Plinko game

Plinko is quite a fascinating game with an original concept where the gameplay is clear to everyone: both a beginner and an experienced player. Among the weighty arguments are the high payout percentage and potentially high winnings. In some versions of Plinko winnings reach up to $10,000.

The slot has many advantages, among which is the resetting of up to 20 discs simultaneously. This creates a dynamic effect by making the discs move in a zigzag pattern, landing on large odds.

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What are the Plinko's in different casinos?

There are many variations of this game. Each modification has its own characteristics, but they all have similar conditions and rules.

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Here are the most popular questions about the game Plinko

To be able to play for real money, you must register at the casino and replenish your gaming balance (make a deposit).

To get acquainted with the game and get into the process, each casino offers a demo mode, you can play Plinko without the risk of losing real money. To play, registration in the casino in most cases is not required.

Unfortunately, there is no jackpot in Plinko. But its absence is compensated by the possibility of winning 1000 bets in 1 round.

Plinko's return rate (RTP) is 99%.

Game variants set most of we have described on our website, so for example there are options such as: Plinko BGaming, Plinko BetFury, Plinko XY, Plinko 1win, Plinko Smartsoft, Bet Plinko, Plinko MyStake ... and this is not all, there are a lot of options

The amount of winnings is not limited to anything, there are many cases where players have increased their bank by 1000 times or more. It all depends on luck and your patience!


x8, x15, x10

The game is incredible! I play every day on the road in transport, I confess - I love casinos and slots. But it was Plinko that I liked more than other games. Slot works great on cell phone and computer. Generous bonuses from the casino! The principle of the game is simple, I quickly got the hang of it and already won some money for pocket money.


х10, х10, х5

I have not yet managed to win much in the casino, but I do not regret that I started to play Plinko - a fresh game that is comfortable to play on a smartphone to pass the time. The game is a real gamble! I got cool emotions when I increased my bet many times over.


Х10, Х8

I prefer Plinko BGaming for the unique soundtrack. I play this game at the casino 1win. I like that in the slot cool graphics and very realistic physics of the falling ball.


x16, x21

Played Plinko at Pin-Up Casino. Everything is good! You can trust this casino, got an awesome bonus on the first game!


х15, х5

Really liked it, Plinko good slot in online casinos!